Statement of Faith, many websites have it listed with an abundance of proof texts to support each claim. Well let me tell you what I believe and know to be true. 

I believe God created the heavens and earth 

I believe God created all life

I believe God created man from dirt

I believe man was made clean with no sin

I believe man sinned and condemned the entire reality to death. 

I believe man will go to hell for his sins against God. 

I believe God made the Israelite people as His chosen instrument to the world that there is one God. The God of all creation. YHVH

I believe through the Israelites came a Savior who would be the salvation to the whole world. That Savior is Jesus Christ. 

I believe Jesus is God. He is the word of God made flesh. 

I believe He had no sin. 

I believe He became the sin offering to reconcile man to God by His sacrifice.

I believe Jesus was crucified for the all sins against God. 

I believe Jesus died, was buried and was resurrected from the dead. 

I believe Jesus fulfilled the Law and by faith anyone that believes in Jesus will be saved. 

Everything in the very word of the Lord (the bible) can be trusted. 

Let God Be True...

Love you, Erick Miller